Learn to Surf Gold Coast, The Gold Coast Surf Academy was founded by extreme sportsman, veteran surfer and internationally renowned surfing coach, Johnny Preston. He believes that riding a wave is one of life’s many rewards which people of most ages can enjoy.

The Gold Coast Surf Academy operates with Safety Standards and council regulated licenses with approved equipment. The curriculum is continually being developed through the correct coaching and consultant assessment. Additional classes have recently been added to including reef surfing and elite coaching for intermediate and above surfers.

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learn to surf lessons

February 21st, 2015

Beach closed again today. Good chance it will open within 2 days. Looks like it going to leave us with some good sandbanks. Stay in contact if you want to ride a few waves to the beach. Johnny

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surf reports

February 19th, 2015

All beaches are closed today on the gold coast. Rain is starting to pick up as the low is heading south towards us. It will clean Stay tuned. Johnny

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